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My Little World Childcare

We believe that play is the most appropriate method for teaching children attending our childcare. Play based programs are developed on a sound knowledge of child development and a strong belief that children have a natural curiosity which enables them to learn through exploration of their environment.

As childcare – preschool, it is our belief that we are responsible for facilitating each child’s learning journey by providing a stimulating environment where adults are able to scaffold the already existing knowledge of the child. In order to achieve this, each child needs to feel nurtured, safe and respected in their learning environment. We aim to involve all parents in the development of programs which are inclusive to the needs of not only the children at our center but also their families and the wider community.

Founder, daycare, manager, preschool

My name is Lupe Schemmel and I am the Founder and Director of My Little World, before located in Los Gatos, now relocated in San Jose, CA.

My Little World, daycare, was founded in 2005 and from the beginning our family has been in child care business for over a decade. After being involved in the family business I decided to open my own. I always enjoy working with children; they light up my day and bring joy to my life. So I thought…”why not work with them every day?”, now I am here living my dream.

I am First Aid / CPR certified and committed to staying current on all related training needed to keep my child care the happiest, healthiest and safest environment possible.

Once you visit, you will see for yourself that our environment is cleaned spotless, all while warm and welcoming.

Facility Number: 434415228

Our staff

All of our CPR-certified staff are qualified and experienced in implementing high quality early childhood education programs.

Our three-caregivers are committed to improving their skills and knowledge and are staying  abreast of changes occurring within the field. Ongoing reflection and evaluation allow our staff to offer the best opportunities for the children the care for.

All of our staff are up to date on all of their vaccinations.

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