My Little World – Childcare Preschool Program

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Every Child is Gifted
Best Teaching Since Ages

We believe all children are gifted and talented and we always consider your child’s learning and social needs. My Little World daycare gives children new opportunities to learn and play with other children.

We understand Children can be gifted in one or more natural abilities – for example, they might be gifted creatively and intellectually. Children can be gifted at different levels too. Children might want to learn more than other children and although all children are special, some are born someway gifted.

These natural abilities can be intellectual, creative, social or physical. You might notice his or her natural abilities in how he or she learns and how he’s or she’s developing. The key to a successful experience is good communication with children and support your child’s abilities and learning needs.

Children in childcare can have challenges. These depend on your child’s particular natural abilities, his personality and the people he has to support him.

My Little World Daycare can help your child overcome these challenges and make the most of his or her potential by supporting his or her learning.

Learning Through Play
Best Place for Children


Small children want to be part of our world. For them, work is every bit as much fun as play if they are given the chance to do it.So we know your child is full of energy and keen to put all physical abilities to the test.

Here in My Little World Childcare, we have fun play ideas to keep your children moving – and learning at the same time. Our guidelines say preschoolers should be active for at least three hours every day and according to ages, but this doesn’t mean three hours of running around until your child is exhausted.

Active play can range from running and jumping to quieter activities like putting toys away, singing, dancing, cooking and even going for a walk in our large yard. Children learn from watching their parents and adults. So if we want our child to be active, it’s good for us to be active too.

We care about each detail, so for us gentle activities are just as important for your preschooler’s development as play that’s loud, energetic and encourages bigger movements.

For example, drawing or making crafts so that preschoolers practice at coordinating the small movements of their fingers.

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Children Discover Learning
Modern Tools of Learning


We carry an extensive range of elements, art & craft, mathematics, literacy resources, developmental products, school consumables, classroom stationery, sporting gear, school furniture, books, play and educational toys and more.

A focus in My Little World is on language and literacy and developing an early understanding of letters, sounds and rhyming words according to their ages, obviously. They also learn that pictures can tell stories, how written words can be read, and how spoken sounds can be written down.

Mathematics and numeracy includes learning about numbers, shapes and counting. Measuring and the many different ways mathematics is used in our daily lives is also a key component of any childcare-preschool. As an additional component, our team is also fluent in Spanish.

We strive to provide relevant learning opportunities for children and we take into account diverse family, cultural, linguistic, school and community influences. The social and emotional development of your child is a very important part of learning.

Play teaches your child about making friends, sharing and taking turns, becoming problem solvers and creative thinkers, all while developing coordination and confidence.

Play tools and activities include cutting, painting, gluing, drawing, dressing up, sand play, climbing, storytelling, singing and dancing.