Carolyne M.

How to explain why I love Lupe and her team? We moved to Los Gatos last year and we needed a day care for my one year old son Dylan who had been in a center style day care since 6 months. I was nervous about an in-home day care but knew I wanted my son in Lupe’s care after the first visit. She is pure love, and the women who compose her team (Sylvia Alejandra and Patty) are the same. Dylan has been with them a year and has thrived. Every morning they greet him with joy and enthusiasm and a hug, and he runs into the home excited to be there. After he had been there a week, Alejandra was sitting on the ground when I came to pick him up and asked for a hug before he left. He ran to her and she hugged him and he hugged her and she said how excited she was to see him tomorrow. In that moment I knew I had found the very best place. He is happy to see me at the end of the day, but always wants me to come inside to play rather than leave.

They will answer your questions about the day but focus on the kids rather than fill out any daily forms. They run a tight ship – the older kids have a set routine that really works and the home is clean and bright and orderly. Dylan is not a great napper at home but they worked their magic and within a month was napping in the nap room with the other kids. They sing and dance and learn, but to me the best part is the love. I will be sending my second son at 5 months and am so glad as I know he will with women who will shower him with affection.

Jelka S.

It was very hard to go back to work after having my son, I was blessed when I found “My Little World” Lupe gave me the confidence that she will take care of my son as if he was one of her grandkids. She keeps the place super clean and organize. she has great staff, Silvia is part of her wonderful team!! she will keep my update with all the activities of the day, if he had a good meal or not, the diaper log was so important to me, she was able to fulfill me with all the information about my sons day. I was feeling guilty to go back to work but Lupe and her team were able to make that guilty feeling go away very fast! Mason was in great hands. !! After We had to move out of State but since we left every time we go back to California we have to stop by and visit them, they are part of our family !

Erin V.

When I had to return to work full time when my son was an infant I was obviously nervous about who would care for him. Lupe and Sylvia at My Little World made leaving him for the day a whole lot easier. Lupe really treated my son like her own and it was obvious from the first day I dropped him off that she had a close bond with each child in her care. Her home is always immaculately clean and has separate areas for play, eating, infant sleep and play, and a wonderful outdoor play area. Very quickly my son bonded with the other children and his caregiver. She communicated every day about his progress and daily activities. We now live out of state, but when I return to California for work he settles right back in with Lupe and the kids at My Little World. Anyone would be lucky to have their child spend their days in this loving environment!

Aditi A.

My 2 year old son was in this wonderful daycare for just a few months, and he was under the loving care of Lupe, Sylvia, Alejandra and Patty. They greeted him with such endearing words every morning such as mi amor, guapo it was heart warming.

He has been a very picky eater – as I was breastfeeding for nearly 16 months so the transition was pretty tough. However as the days passed he became much better at eating, even at home. He readily sits in his highchair when it’s dinner time.

We are sad to leave now but hope to be in touch with Lupe for our next baby perhaps đŸ™‚

Karla L.

We had a great experience at My Little World Childcare !!
Lupe and Silvia are the caring persons in the world, my boys love them so much.
My little world Childcare has a great program for toddlers and Infants we are so lucky to have Lupe in our life.

Carla L

Nicolas and Santiago Mom !!

Bree K.

As first time parents, my husband and I had the natural nervousness that comes along with putting your child in daycare. At 11 weeks old, my daughter began at My Little World and it has been the most comforting decision we could have made.

My Little World has been a truly wonderful place for our daughter to grow and learn. Lupe and Sylvia are incredibly attentive, nurturing, and playful. In a safe and small environment, our daughter has been under phenomenal care while learning to socialize with other children. She is provided with nutritious homemade meals, engages in fun and creative play, and uses her imagination in crafting fun and seasonal art projects.

Our daughter is 20 months old and every morning she puts on her coat and says: “Lupe!”…even on the weekends! Her excitement and comfort with attending My Little World reminds us each and every day how lucky we are with our arrangement.

The development of our daughter continues to impress us: singing and dancing, tracing her own hands and feet, completing puzzles, and understanding Spanish. Our experience with My Little World has exceeded our expectations and we know that Lupe and Sylvia will remain in our daughter’s life as she continues to grow as two very, truly special people.

Vane E.

My Little World was a lifesaver for us! I went back to work full time when my son was 5 months old and we were fortunate to had found Lupe at My Little World. On our first visit, I was impressed at how clean and organized the place was. Lupe was very professional and very loving and sweet with the little ones. I liked that they keep a routine for all the kids and feed them organic homemade dishes. My son went there until he started preschool and it was a great transition so preschool was not completely new and foreign to him. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with them and we highly recommend My Little World.

Jenn G.

Our daughter spent two years at My Little World and she thrived under Lupe and Sylvia’s care. From the hearty, home-cooked meals to the daily baths and tender care, we were impressed with MLW. Lupe’s decades of personal and professional experience help her a run a safe, healthy and personal environment for babies and preschoolers. It was wonderful to watch our daughter grow from being one of the youngest there – learning from the language and actions of older children and adults – to becoming one of the oldest members – responding to the babies with kindness and empathy. Entering MLW each afternoon truly felt like returning to family. Our daughter’s later transitions to preschool and kindergarten were smooth, and our family still feels warmth and gratitude for the excellent care we received at MLW.

Nina R.

I am a first time mom, and very pick about everything that is related to my child. He is the most precious gift that we have ever had! I probably visited 7 or 8 places in Los Gatos/San Jose area before I found “My Little World”.
My first contact with Lupe (the owner) was over the phone, and I immediately felt a warm feeling from her voice. When I came to visit the place, I was impressed with the organization on her house, the clean smell, and also with Lupe’s warm and loving personality. I also loved the fact that every kid have a crib that you can bring toys and blanket and leave there…On my second visit, I took my son to see how he would interact with the other children and also to see if he liked the place…he immediately started playing and Lupe and Silvia were very loving towards him. They also understand all the stress and anxiety that is involved when a mom needs to leave a child and go to work! They sent me pictures of my son through the day đŸ™‚
This place is wonderful!

Brenda V.

Our son has been here since he was 6 months old. We love this place. Lupe and the rest of the staff have taken great care of our little guy. He has made terrific friends and thoroughly enjoys the time he spends at My Little World. This is a special place.

Karin D.

My Little World and their staff is an exceptional daycare and I couldn’t be more happy these last few years with the care that my daughter has been receiving. I agree 100% with all of the other positive Yelp reviews about Lupe, Silvia, the other staff, and the extremely clean facility (always in tip-top shaped). Lupe has been great and is always very helpful and considerate with any special requests that we have as a family. While I am at work, I always have a peace of mind that my daughter is being well cared for, having fun and is happy, and learning day-in and out! My daughter started at My Little World when she was only 4 months old. During her first year I would receive daily reports on her eating, sleeping, diaper changing needs, which was helpful during the first 12 months when her schedule still varied daily. Overall, it has been amazing watching my daughter grow these last few years and I believe that the care, attention, teaching, and interaction that she has at My Little World has played a big role. She loves going there and always talks about the staff and her “amigos”. For only being 26 months, she is already speaking in complete sentences in English and knows plenty of Spanish words too! The day care isn’t divided in to rooms by age, thus she is always interacting with other children from babies to age 3+. Because of this interaction she is comfortable around little babies (including her now 1 month old sister for which she is very gentle with), but knows how to play with the big kids too. Lupe, Silvia, and the staff nurture the children with genuine respect, sympathy, cooperation, and love, and in return you see the kids their respecting each other and the staff too. I am excited that my 2nd daughter will be able to attend her with her big sister when I go back to work full time this winter.

Rosamaria L.

My daughter went to My Little World daycare for almost two years and she loved it. When she first started going there she was almost 2 years old, and had never been away from me. The transition was difficult as she was very shy and a difficult eater. However, over time and with all the love Lupe, Silvia, Alejandra and Patty gave her, she blossomed into a wonderful independent happy eater kid. It amazing to see what a loving place can do for you kid. Thank you so much!

Alana B

Our son has been going to My Little World since he was about 7 months and it has been just such a wonderful experience with Lupe, Silvia, Alejandra & Patty. He goes off every morning so happy to see them and at the end of the day blows them kisses and clearly loves being there (so much so that he often is uninterested when I arrive and will carry on playing). All ladies truly care for the kids as their own. I had toured a center style daycare and hated it and as soon as I stepped inside Lupes home I knew this was where I would feel comfortable leaving our baby.

They provide amazing home cooked organic food, always sending photos and videos and I just loved the creative ways they learn together through play (at 18 months my son knew his body parts in Spanish, because of songs they sing!). They’re clearly taught about respecting others as well as things like tidying up (if only he’d do this at home too!!) and sharing. They celebrate every holiday and I’m always getting beautiful pictures home that they’ve made together.

Up until about a year we got daily reports on diapers/food/milk/sleep and then after that they stopped, but whenever I ask how well he has slept they always know the times. For me, being in a place that focuses on loving and nurturing your child and helping them grow is far more important than reports.

In summary, I truly can not recommend My Little World highly enough – they are like our extended family and it fills me with joy to see how much our little man has grown as a result of their care. Gracias a todas!

Sal M

Nearly 3.5 years ago my wife and I had our daughter. She was the most precious gift any parents could be given and naturally we wanted the best for her. We longed for an environment that she would thrive in, a place where she would be exposed to new experiences and a setting based on learning and love. We found that at My Little World Childcare. Today there are too many childcare centers have become so commercialized that they forget the most essential element in the care of a child; love. The secret, I believe, to the success of My Little World is the fact that they love our children as their own.

Today our one year old son continues on in his older sister’s footsteps and we couldn’t be more thankful for the love and support the staff provides. There is something to be said when your child is excited to arrive in the morning and is reluctant to come home in the evening. If it was up to our kids, they would stay at My Little World around the clock.

Would I recommend My Little World Childcare? Absolutely.


Dear Lupe,

How can we ever express our gratitude for the wonderful care you give to the most important person in our lives ñ each and every day! It is so amazing to watch our daughter grow and thrive under your care. Your experience together with your thoughtfulness (our Motherís Day card and apron) and your patient smiles and warm embraces are always noticed and appreciated by Quinn, Vincent, and me!

Most warmly,


Shelly, Michael

Dear Lupe & Carla,

Thank you for taking such good care of Seamus.
He misses you and canĂ­t wait to see you in January.

Thank you for the darling picture and frame! Seamus looks so cute in his Santa hat! Thank you also for his stocking. It was nice to see it hanging from the mantle with the others.

Love Shelly, Michael & Seamus


Dear Lupe,
Thank you so much for the care giving you provided my son in his infant/toddler years. Chase loves you and I know he will miss you very much. Continue what you do as the environment and love you provide helps working parents like myself have peace of mind.



Dear Lupe,

Thank you for throwing Riley such a lovely Party. She really enjoyed it.
She misses all of you very much. I will try to bring her by to see you soon. Riley really enjoyed the year she spent at My Little World.

Thank you for the excellent care you provided ! We really appeciate everything you did for her.


Sara And Nico

Dear Lupe and Sylvia,

We simply want to thank you for the nice things you have done for Nico since the very first day. We adore you because you take care of him love and care, like he was your own son. I go every day in peace because I know that Nico is very content and happy! Also I want to thank you for your birthday gifts (the monogramed T-shirt and the MotherĂ­s Day Apron was something very special!

Thank you very much for everything!

Sarah and Nico


Dearest Lupe and Josie,
I am going to miss you a lot when I will be on my vacation. I am going to think of you in my dreams.

See you in three weeks,



Thank you for caring for our son the last six months. After our first interview with My Little World Childcare, I knew right away that there was no need to look further. We knew Dylan would not only be safe but happy as well.

The look and smile on his face when he sees you is very comforting. I particularly enjoyed the MotherĂ­s Day and Christmas Gifts that you helped Dylan create.


Hayden, Shari & Rhett

Muchas Gracias Lupe !
Thank you for taking such good care of Hayden.
He will miss you and the Kids this summer.
We will see you in a few months!
Hayden, Shari & Rhett

April M

We LOVE this daycare. We are so happy that we found it and are so sad to be leaving. Our youngest son started when he was one and is now going off to preschool which is why we are leaving. We have been in other daycares prior for both him and our older son before he started school (we have moved around a lot in the past 6 years) and this is by far the best daycare that we have ever been at. Lupe and all the women are so amazing. They are extremely caring and give the kids so much attention. All the kids including ours love them back as well. We always knew that our son was safe while he was there and were confident that he was having a great time. Her place is very clean and organized and there is a separate nap room for the kids. There is a large outdoor play area that the kids love to play in. She has a ton of organized activities and art projects for them but they also can do as much free play as they want. Luckily we live close by because we will definitely be visiting- the girls have been such a big part of our sons life.


Caroline E

Lupe, Silvia and all the other girls have been INCREDIBLE. I can’t give enough praise to my little world. My daughter started at Lupe’s when she was 9 months old and there has never been a day she doesn’t jump with excitement when is time to go to school or a day she doesn’t want me to come in and play rather than come home. Lupe and the crew give them love and attention and a play base learning environment. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing they care where I know my daughter is getting the love she needs at this age and also the interaction with other little ones in a home base environment. They have a great outdoor play area and lots of room to play!

Helena F

Both of my children went to My Little World and we feel incredibly lucky to have found Lupe during our search for care. After about three years of care combined in between my kids, I can’t recommend Lupe and her team enough. It felt as if they were part of our family. Our kids were always so happy and excited to go to Lupe’s. You know you got it right when they hide from you at pick up time, and don’t want to go home đŸ™‚ Highlights: home cooked nutritious meals, lots and lots of love and attention from Lupe and team, and an extremely clean, safe, and spacious environment. All the other parents are also very friendly so it feels like a small daycare community.

Jeni B

Lupe & the rest of the women are so amazing with my daughter! She’s always happy and looks forward to spending time with everyone and all her friends. I feel 100% at ease knowing that Lupe is watching my little girl. The love Lupe and her staff show the kids is heartwarming and I’m so happy & lucky to have found such a great daycare! I trust and respect that Lupe and her staff will always have my daughters best interest in mind. Thank you Lupe & staff for loving and caring for my daughter like family!