Best Place for Children
Learning Through Play

Small children want to be part of our world. For them, work is every
bit as much fun as play if they are given the chance to do it.

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Best Teaching Since Ages
Every Child is Gifted

My Little World childcare gives gifted and talented children new
opportunities to learn and play with other children.

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Modern Tools of Learning
Children Discover Learning

We carry an extensive range of elements, art & craft, mathematics,
literacy resources, play and educational toys and more.

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Letter to Parents

Dear parents:

The most important period in children development takes place on the first 5 years starting at pregnancy. During this time, they must receive 100% healthy, organic nutrition, in a clean and tidy place, within an atmosphere of harmony in which they are safe and comfortable. This represents the basis of a good physical and mental growth.


My Little World Daycare offers the best facilities and a pleasant atmosphere: a second home for the baby, where we do everything with love and dedication.


We offer a preschool program, in which children learn by playing, ABC and many fun projects, not to mention the specialized and personalized care to each one of the infants.




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