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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


The service we provide is play-based that allows children to attend to their own needs and choose activities that benefit their individual learning styles. Since this is usually fun, children absorb the information better. The game encourages interest and motivation. Play-based early education helps children: to feel comfortable, to strengthen reasoning ability and to spark creativity and imagination. Most important play-based learning prepares your children for future success in kindergarten and beyond.

Health & Safety

We know that young children are susceptible to illnesses. Our sick policy helps us maintain a clean and healthy environment for them. In the event that your children become sick at the daycare, be assured that we will keep them comfortable and contact you to pick them up promptly. We also encourage good hygiene practices, such as hand-washing and covering mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing.


Our staff regularly sanitizes and disinfects classrooms and common areas – paying close attention to high-touch areas, such as doorknobs, light switches, and toys, as these can be germ hotspots. All cleaning products are used responsibly and stored in secure, locked cabinets inaccessible to our students.

All utensils used for feeding and toys are free of lead with sanitary registration. We use cameras and have corner protectors and edge safety bumpers for shelves or walls. 

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Our Staff

I'm Guadalupe Schemmel founder of My Little World since 2005. I'm thrilled and grateful that parents place their trust in leaving their children in our daycare where we provide them love and training in the first years of their lives. In 18 years of continuous work I had the opportunity to take care of hundreds of children and it is extremely gratifying for me to still receive messages and visits from those kids who today are good people. 

Our trained staff is not just professional but also patient and loving. We are a team of four teachers and caregivers who meet all the requirements requested by the California Law: Fingerprints, Vaccines, child development and care studies, etc. We use guided-play according to our rooms to introduce special learning skills along with the child's play. This type of learning develops social, self-help, and motor skills in addition to helping children to better manage their emotions and to deal with tantrums.

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